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Social media


Twitter is a feed of short messages sent to your mobile phone or posted on the Twitter website. It's particularly good for receiving reminders on the go, so sign up and set up your mobile and don't miss out on free lunchtime talks, evenings and all those things you intend to go to but somehow slip your mind.



The National Gallery of Australia uses the facebook page as another way to deliver event details and exhibition dates but there's more—receive wall posts about interesting artists, international art world news and events—interesting stuff that takes our fancy and we hope you'll enjoy too.



Instagram is photo sharing website where the NGA will share a fun variety of images from around the Gallery capturing behind the scenes moments, our staff and Gallery events.



Flickr is our other photo sharing website. We like to use it to share our photos of events and artists when they visit the NGA to provide talks and inspiration. We are also developing our behind-the-scenes conservation photos, so if you've ever wanted to know more about how artworks are conserved and restored you can see some really interesting images here.



We are adding video content to You Tube all the time. Keep visiting to see more videos of artist talks, video projects and more.



If Google+ is your preferred way to stay in touch join us for event details and exhibition dates, posts about interesting artists, international art world news and events.



Delicious is a link sharing website, visit this to explore links to websites of artists we are featuring in exhibitions, research material, other galleries, the NGA in the news and more. You can click on the links or enter a search term in the 'Type a tag' box. This will bring up links which have been tagged with that word, such as painting, soft sculpture, mccubbin, news etc. so you can sort and explore by topic or theme.


National Gallery of Australia social media interaction guidelines

The National Gallery of Australia is an Australian Government Agency.

Please do not use the Gallery’s social media forums as a vehicle for business or self promotion.

Conversation between users about art and exhibitions is encouraged but any forms of bullying, abuse, racial slurs, coarse language, product/event/political promotion will be removed.

Comment removal is at the discretion of the National Gallery of Australia.

If you have a non-profit event or art exhibition you feel would be of interest to the National Gallery audience please email to make a suggestion.