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  1. Permanent collection | Talks & Lectures Artist's talk: Jonathan Jones
    Jul 8 12:45pm Jonathan Jones, artist, curator and researcher, discusses his work from the National Indigenous Art Triennial II.
    Venue: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander galleries
    Price : Free
  2. The story of Rama | Talks & Lectures Hanuman and the monkey army
    Jul 9 12:45pm Claudia Hyles, independent researcher, examines the role of the monkey god Hanuman, known for his courage, power and loyalty, in the Ramayana story. Exhibition info
    Venue: James O Fairfax Theatre
    Price : Free
  3. Special event | Talks & Lectures WWII-era Provenance Research at American Institutions
    Jul 9 6:00pm Jane Milosch, Director, Smithsonian Provenance Research Initiative, reveals how collaboration on WWII-era provenance research has led to results. More info
    Venue: Gandel Hall
    Price : FREE
    Booking: Book here
  4. The story of Rama | Talks & Lectures Three hundred Ramayanas or more?
    Jul 15 6:00pm Dr McComas Taylor, Associate Professor, ANU College of Asia & the Pacific examines the literary tradition of the Ramayana and how the epic retains its relevance and vitality through a process of appropriation. Exhibition
    Venue: James O Fairfax Theatre
    Price : Free
  5. Colour my World | Talks & Lectures Artists' talks
    Jul 25 10:30am – 11:30am Panel discussion on photography Panel discussion with Colour my world: handcoloured Australian photography artists Micky Allan, Robyn Stacey, Janina Green and Ruth Maddison.
    Venue: James O Fairfax Theatre
    Price : Free
  6. The story of Rama | Talks & Lectures Lunchtime talk: Indian paintings
    Jul 30 12:45pm Bronwyn Campbell, Asian art, speaks about the diversity of Indian painting styles and conservator Andrea Wise discusses their materials and conservation.
    Venue: Orde Poynton Gallery
    Price : Free