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Visitor photography

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Please note: For copyright and conservation reasons the National Gallery of Australia does not allow visitors to photograph or film works of art using devices of any kind inside the Gallery building.

Visitors are permitted, however, to photograph or film works of art in the Gallery’s Sculpture Garden


While the Gallery owns the physical works of art in the collection, generally the artist/copyright holder retains the copyright separately and therefore has the exclusive right to control the reproduction of the work. Copyright holders may take legal action if copyright-protected works of art are photographed and reproduced without permission.

Loan works

Some works of art on display are on loan from other collections or institutions and photography by members of the public may be prohibited as part of the loan conditions.

Media and film crews

For enquiries or bookings for access to the Gallery by the media or film crews, please contact the Marketing and Communications department:
phone +61 2 6240 6431

Please direct all queries regarding visitor photography to the Rights & Permissions Officer:

David Moore Horse race crowd – Sydney 1963 National Gallery of Australia, Canberra Gift of David Moore 1983.David Moore Horse race crowd – Sydney  1963   National Gallery of Australia, Canberra Gift of David Moore 1983.