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Pippin Drysdale



Diploma of Advanced Ceramics, Perth Technical College, Perth, WA, 1981; Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art), Curtin University, Perth, WA, 1985.

Solo exhibitions
Editions Gallery, Fremantle, WA, 1986; Greenhill Galleries, Perth, WA, 1987; Handmark Gallery, Hobart, Tas., 1988; Fremantle Art Centre, Fremantle, WA, 1988; Potter's Gallery, Brisbane, Qld, 1989; Narek Gallery, Canberra, ACT, 1989, 1992; Distelfink Gallery, Melbourne, Vic., 1990, 1995, 1997; Perth Galleries, Perth, WA, 1990, 1993, 1999; Tomsk State Gallery and Museum, Russia, 1991; Novosirbirsk State Gallery and Museum, Russia, 1991; Gallery 2, Launceston, TAS, 1993; The Door Gallery, Fremantle, WA, 1995; Contemporary Art Gallery, Sydney, NSW, 1996; Beaver Galleries, Canberra, ACT, 1997; Pots on Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand, 1997; Quadrivium, Sydney, NSW, 2000; BMG ART, Adelaide, SA, 2001.

Selected group exhibitions since 1992
Design Visions: Australian International Crafts Triennial, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth, WA, 1992; The Bowl, Narek Gallery, Canberra, ACT, 1993; Gallery 2, Launceston, Tas., 1993; Pride of Place: New acquisitions 1990-1994, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth, WA, 1994; Delinquent Angel: Australian historical, Aboriginal and contemporary ceramics, Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche, Faenza, Italy and travelling in Asia and Australia, 1995-97; Juggling the Elements, Manly Art Gallery, Sydney, NSW, 1995; Fletcher Challenge Ceramics Award, Auckland Museum, Auckland, New Zealand, 1996; Sidney Myer Fund Invitational Ceramics Award, Shepparton Art Gallery, Shepparton, Vic., 1996;
City of Perth Craft Award, Craftwest Gallery, Perth, WA, 1996; Cooks Hill Gallery, Newcastle, NSW, 1996; Beaver Galleries, Canberra, ACT, 1996; Art in Gold, Ballarat Fine Art Gallery, Ballarat, Vic., 1997; Decorated Clay, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, Qld, 1998; Contemporary Australian Craft, Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, Sapporo, Japan, 1999; A Generous Vessel, Centre for Contemporary Craft, Sydney, NSW, 1999; The Language of Clay, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth, WA, 1999; Vitalità Perenne del Lustro, Palazzo dei Consoli, Gubbio, Italy, 1999; Quadrivium's Finest, Quadrivium, Sydney, NSW, 2000.

Public collections (Australia)

Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth, WA; Campbelltown City Art Gallery, Campbelltown, NSW; Manly Art Gallery, Sydney, NSW; Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin, NT, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, ACT; Newcastle Region Art Gallery, Newcastle, NSW; Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, NSW; Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, Qld; Shepparton Art Gallery, Shepparton, Vic.; Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Hobart, Tas.

Public collections (international)
Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand; Novosirbirsk State Gallery, Siberia, Russia; Tomsk State Gallery and Museum, Siberia, Russia.