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19 September 2014

Art and Mortality

This two day symposium brings together leading art historians, curators and artists to discuss ideas associated with mortality and the visual arts. Topics to be addressed include: the symbolism of death, death and anatomy, death masks, photography and the limits of representation, the scene of death, and ethical and social issues.
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Association of Australian Gallery Guiding Organisations

The National Gallery of Australia voluntary guides are members of the Australia-wide guiding organisation Association of Australian Gallery Guiding Organisations (AAGGO). The guiding bodies of 19 Australian art galleries make up the membership of AAGGO.

The aim of AAGGO is to:

  • facilitate the exchange of information and ideas between member organisations
  • foster guides’ understanding and appreciation of the collections of their galleries.

These aims are met primarily by:

  • holding conferences in which the principal attendees are the voluntary guides from the member organisations
  • holding meetings of the AAGGO Council (comprising 1 member from each member organisation).