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About us




Dr Gerard Vaughan AM

Executive Adviser Helen Gee

Corporate Services

Assistant Director David Perceval

Executive+Council Assistant Kirsti Partridge
Finance Noel Florian
Building services Mark Mandy
Facilities Management Dean Marshall
Governance and Reporting Kirsti Partridge
Human Resource Management Tony Rhynehart
Digital Strategy Clyde D'Rosario

Digital strategy

Infrastructure & Operations Neil Verney
Online and Emerging Andrew Powrie
Imaging and Multimedia David Pang
Information Management John Santolin

Curatorial & Educational Services

Assistant Director Simon Elliott

Asian art email
Australian art email
Indigenous Australian art email
Decorative Arts & Design Dr Robert Bell
International Painting & Sculpture Christine Dixon
Pacific arts Michael Gunn
Photography Shaune Lakin
Learning & Access Mark Van Veen
Research Library Joye Volker

Australian art email

Painting & Sculpture before 1920 Dr Anna Gray
Painting & Sculpture after 1920 Dr Deborah Hart
Prints, Drawings & Illust. Books Roger Butler

International art email

Painting & Sculpture Christine Dixon
Prints, Drawings & Illust. Books Jane Kinsman Pacific art Crispin Howarth

Exhibitions & Collections Services

Assistant Director Adam Worrall

Registration Natalie Beattie
Exhibitions Dominique Nagy
Travelling Exhibitions Mary-Lou Nugent
Conservation Debbie Ward

Conservation | more

Mountcutting & Framing Kate Eccles-Smith
Objects Beata Tworek-Matuszkiewicz
Paintings David Wise
Paper Andrea Wise
Textiles Micheline Ford
Preventive Lisa Addison

Development, Marketing &
Commercial Operations

Assistant Director Michael Baldwin

Marketing & Communications Alison Wright Commercial Operations Elizabeth Malone
Foundation Maryanne Voyazis
Corporate Sponsorship Claire Moore
Development email
Membership Liz Wilson

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National Gallery of Australia
GPO Box 1150, Canberra ACT 2601

Physical location

Parkes Place, Parkes, Canberra ACT 2600
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+61 2 6240 6411

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