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National Gallery of Australia

Permanent collection

The National Gallery of Australia's collections include more than 160,000 works of art across four main areas: Australian art, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander art, Asian art and European and American art

Works in the Gallery are part of Australia's national collection. They belong to the people of Australia and are preserved and presented for their enjoyment and education. It is the Gallery's intention to make the collection as widely appreciated as possible both in Australia and overseas.

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  1. Australian Art

    The Australian art collection follows the development of Australian art from colonisation in 1788 to the present day and is one of the best in the world. Initially informed by artistic traditions of English and European colonisers, a unique voice quickly develops as Indigenous, regional and international cultures contribute different ways of seeing.

  2. Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art

    The Indigenous art of Australia is the part of oldest continuing living culture in the world and one of the two major art traditions operating within Australia today. The National Gallery of Australia collects art of the highest artistic merit and excellence created by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

  3. European+American Art

    The European and American art collection spans 1850 to the present day, from Impressionism to Abstract Expressionism through to the contemporary. Paintings, sculpture, prints, decorative arts and photographs are integrated in a rich display of artistic styles across a variety of disciplines.

  4. Asian Art

    In the Asian collection, diverse cultures, religions and histories are represented through art dating from ancient times to the contemporary. Sculptures, textiles, paintings, prints, manuscripts and photographs are displayed in three galleries: Art of the Indian subcontinent, Art of Southeast Asia, Art of East Asia.

  5. Pacific Arts

    Displaying traditional objects from the Pacific as art rather than artefact this collection spans one-third of the world’s surface, encompassing Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia with myriad cultures stretching from Papua New Guinea to New Zealand and Easter Island. It also ranges in time from 3500 years ago to the present day.