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  1. Permanent collection | Members Members book club
    Aug 5 10:30am Join Claudia Hyles for an engaging discussion that explores the literary themes around the visual arts. Featuring the work of local and international authors, this season's book is Mr Mac and Me by Esther Freud.
    Venue: meet at information desk
    Price : $15 members, $18 guests
  2. Myth and Magic | Members Snap!
    Aug 15 10:30am (ages 4-10, to be accompanied) Mini members are dared to creep past the reptiles residing in the Sepik River exhibition, before coming face-to-face with live baby crocodiles!
    Venue: meet at information desk
    Price : $15 mini members, $25 mini guests
  3. Myth and Magic | Members Art after hours
    Aug 20 5:30pm Booked Out Finish the day with Crispin Howarth, Curator Pacific Arts, for a glass of wine in the members lounge followed by a guided tour of Myth + magic: art of the Sepik River, Papua New Guinea.