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Assistant Registrar, Loans & Exhibitions

NGA Level 5/6
Position No. 7210

This position is in the National Gallery’s Registration Department and is responsible for loans from and to the Gallery for the purposes of display and exhibition.

Duty Statement

Under the direction of the Associate Registrar, Loans & Exhibitions:

Selection Criteria


Job Specific WH&S Requirements / Information for Supervisor and Occupant

The Assistant Registrar, Loans and Exhibitions is expected to take all reasonable, practicable steps to ensure the health and safety of all by supporting and participating in initiatives aimed at improving health and safety in the NGA, particularly through the process of continuous improvement. This includes ensuring tasks and procedures are undertaken in a manner which safeguards the health and safety of NGA employees, contractors, volunteers and visitors and ensuring the NGA’s legal obligations for WH&S are met in relation to systems of work.

Within 1 month of commencing in the position the occupant, in discussion with his/her supervisor, must complete an Individual Development and Performance Agreement and Health and Safety Responsibilities checklist to identify any section specific WH&S issues and training required.



Administrative Details

Position number: 7210
Position: Assistant Registrar, Loans and Exhibitions
Classification: NGA Level 5/6
Department: Registration
Program: Exhibitions and Collection Services
Immediate Supervisor: Associate Registrar, Loans & Exhibitions
Status: Part time
Hours per week: 15