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Head of Travelling Exhibitions

Executive Level 1
Position No. 6500


The Travelling Exhibitions Section reports to the Assistant Director (Exhibitions & Collection Services) and is responsible for increasing public access to the Gallery’s collections through a program of national and international travelling exhibitions.

The occupant of this position is responsible for the scheduling, development, implementation and evaluation of the travelling exhibitions program including recommending outreach initiatives appropriate to the Gallery’s objectives.

In this role the occupant is also responsible for the development of applications and generating income through funding programs.

Duty Statement

  1. Prepare and manage forward plans, schedules and budgets, and policy and procedures documents for the travelling exhibition program.
  2. Manage staff to ensure the successful presentation of the travelling exhibitions program, including the implementation of appropriate training and development.
  3. Liaise and negotiate with Gallery staff, Commonwealth and state exhibition organisers and regional venue administrators in relation to exhibition arrangements.
  4. Accompany, install and support travelling exhibitions and represent the Gallery as required.
  5. Manage strategic relationships with funding bodies as well as leveraging funding opportunities through these organisations.
  6. Establish and maintain networks of professional contacts focussing on venues and communities regarding the travelling exhibitions program.

Selection Criteria

  1. Demonstrated abilities in the management and implementation of visual arts travelling exhibitions and a thorough knowledge of appropriate museum standards.
  2. Leadership and management abilities of a high order together with a high level of achievement, strategic thinking and analytical skills.
  3. Demonstrated abilities in the supervision, motivation and management of a multi-disciplinary team in a museum or gallery environment.
  4. Highly developed project management skills including administrative, budget development, scheduling and monitoring skills.
  5. Demonstrated abilities in the development of policy, preferably for a museum or gallery environment.
  6. Highly developed oral and written communication skills with a demonstrated ability to advise, liaise, negotiate and work effectively with a variety of individuals, organisations, Government bodies and community groups as well as with colleagues within a Gallery or Museum.
  7. Ability to promote and apply the principles of workplace diversity and participative management practices.

Job Specific WH&S Requirements / Information for Supervisor and Occupant

The Head of Travelling Exhibitions is expected to take all reasonable practicable steps to ensure the health and safety of all by supporting and participating in initiatives aimed at improving health and safety in the gallery, particularly through the process of continuous improvement. This includes ensuring tasks and procedures are undertaken in a manner which safeguards the health and safety of Gallery employees, contractors, volunteers and visitors and ensuring the gallery’s legal obligations for WH&S is met in relation to systems of work.

Within one month of commencing in the position the occupant, in discussion with his/her supervisor, must complete an Individual Development and Performance Agreement and Health and Safety Responsibilities checklist to identify and section specific WH&S issues and training required.


Administrative Details

Position No: 6500
Position: Head of Travelling Exhibitions
Classification: Executive Level 1
Program: Exhibitions and Collections Services
Immediate Supervisor: Assistant Director (Exhibitions and Collections Services)
Status: Ongoing
Hours per week: 37.5